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We are a not-for-profit organization.  We at V.V.I.A. are not giving back to our soldiers, both active and retired, to acquire publicity and acclaim.  We at V.V.I.A. believe that "If you give a gift to a man and he knows it is from you, he is grateful, and thankful to you.  If you give a gift to a man and remain anonymous, he is grateful, to the world, and looks upon the gift as a blessing."

There are millions of veterans across this, outstanding country of ours.  Their sacrifices are the reason that this country is so great.  There are over two million vets right here in Texas, and the Vietnam Veterans in America were originated to be of assistance to them.  We have changed over the years to include veterans from all campaigns, again both active and retired, and their families.

Donations are a part of our year round initiatives, which make up the discretionary fund.  These funds are used to grant access to the transportation costs to and from the VA Hospitals, assisting veterans in job searches, building homes for them and their families, making modifications to homes for disabled veterans, feeding homeless veterans during the holidays, and providing gifts for veteran's families during the Christmas holidays.  We also provide assistance with medical bills, utility bills, grocery bills, and rent when needed.  Food baskets for veterans living below the poverty level are given and comfort kits for the veterans in VA hospitals.

As you can see, we put your donations to good use.  We would like to believe that someday, in our beautiful nation, there will not be a need for an organization like ours, but that day is not here, yet.  

We thank you for your support in our mission.  Our efforts cannot be realized without your support!

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